From creating a movement in three minutes to exploring how to make your business creative from top to bottom, here’s five TED talks on leadership you should watch

1. How great leaders inspire action – Simon Sinek

Sinek’s talk is not the most viewed on leadership for no reason. Author of Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, Sinek shares a simple model on how to become an inspirational leader: start with a circle, and start with “Why?”.

2. Lead like the great conductors – Itay Talgam

Based on his decade-long career as an orchestra conductor in Israel, Itay Talgam gives a TED talk about the correlation between conducting a group of musicians with instruments and leading a group of people with ideas.

3. Why we have too few women leaders – Sheryl Sandberg

Facebook COO and best-selling author, Sheryl Sandberg, dissects gender inequality at the top levels of business in a talk that has been viewed more than six million times.

4. How to start a movement – Derek Sivers

Short and sweet (just over three minutes, in fact), Sivers explains how movements really get started, with the help from some surprising footage to help illustrate his point (watch out Dad dancers). Beyond the funny video though are some great tips about leadership.

5. How to manage for collective creativity – Linda Hill

Linda Hill, Harvard professor and co-author of Collective Genius, uses this talk to outline tools and tactics that keep great ideas flowing from everyone within a company, not just those who have been designated as the “creative” type.

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