To celebrate the launch of Grant Thornton’s Faces of a Vibrant Economy, Strategies for growth hosted five of the faces in London for a round table. In this video they talk about what a vibrant economy means to them

Risha and Sumita Jindal, Digimeal


As students, beans on toast was never going to be enough for Sumita and Risha Jindal. Their frustration about how to make something delicious out of leftovers and standard kitchen cupboard staples became the inspiration for Digimeal, the recipe app that enables students to create meals using only three key ingredients.

Inspired by a mission to ‘make anything from anything’, Digimeal helps users minimise food wastage and reduces reliance on unhealthy takeaways.

Tracy Mort MBE MD and owner, Grace Cole


Tracy Mort founded Grace Cole because she was determined to do things differently.

She sources British suppliers and investment, and Grace Cole now sells its award-winning bath, body and beauty products in more than 80 countries. Shifting the manufacturing process from China back to Britain has allowed the company to improve its speed to market and quality control, as well as supporting small local and national companies. Her ambitions for the company are global: she wants Grace Cole to become a household brand, sold in every country, and aims to float as a £200 million company.

Romi Savova, CEO, PensionBee


Romi Savova founded online pension manager PensionBee to help people find and combine their pensions into an easy-to-use online plan.

The company is a relative newcomer to Britain’s booming fintech scene and is making great strides. “Over the course of the past year we’ve built our core technology, put in place the most amazing team and released the pension location tool to the general public. Seeing our first customer decide to combine his pensions with PensionBee made that all worth it.”

Savova says PensionBee’s mission to future-proof finances is what motivates her: “We’re solving the problem of a generation that isn’t saving for retirement.”

Petra Wetzel, Owner, WEST


German-born Petra Wetzel missed one thing more than anything else when she moved to Scotland – German-brewed beer. Not content with exporting just for her own consumption, she set up WEST in Glasgow in 2006 to produce German-type lager in the UK  and has since expanded the business into a restaurant and beer hall.

Wetzel’s flagship beer, St Mungo Lager, is now stocked in 100 branches of Waitrose in the UK, as well as in branches of Tesco across Scotland. WEST is one of the UK’s most successful small breweries with an annual turnover just shy of £10 million.

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