To celebrate International Women’s Day we throw a spotlight on some of the UK’s trailblazing business women you need to know

1. Natalie Campbell, A Very Good Company – @NatDCampbell

Natalie Campbell is a social entrepreneur, author and business coach. She is founding partner at A Very Good Company, a social innovation and campaigns consultancy she co-founded in 2010.

2. Gemma Godfrey, – @GCGodfrey

Gemma Godfrey is the founder and CEO of, a soon-to-be launched online wealth manager. Ranked amongst the ‘savviest’ on Wall Street by the Wall Street Journal and on CityAM’s FinTech Powerlist, Godfrey was selected by the BBC as one of the world’s top 100 women “striving to make the world a better place”.

3. Sarah Chapman, Iwana Energy – @sarahkchapman

Sarah Chapman is co-founder and CEO of Iwana Energy, a company that enables businesses across Latin America and other emerging markets to benefit from solar energy with no upfront costs. She was formerly chief of staff at the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.

4. Debbie Wosskow, Love Home Swap – @DebbieWossk

Debbie Wosskow is CEO and founder of Love Home Swap, a club she set up in 2009 where homeowners can swap, rent or use points to stay in over 55,000 properties in 160 countries worldwide. She is also Chairman of Sharing Economy UK, a new trade body set up to represent and champion the UK’s sharing economy businesses.

5. Alice Bentinck, Entrepreneur First – @Alicebentinck

Alice Bentinck is co-founder of Entrepreneur First, a business which helps technologists meet potential co-founders to build companies from scratch. Since it launched in 2011, the incubator has built more than 50 companies valued at more than $250m.

6. Joséphine Goube, Migreat – @josephinegoube

Joséphine Goube is director of partnerships at Migreat – a company which helps migrants move and settle in Europe. Her impact on immigration has been so great she is now the European Commission’s expert on immigration. But that’s not all. She’s also co-directing manager at Girls In Tech London – an initiative created to help women launch careers in technology.

7. Jelena Aleksic, GeneAdviser – @firegenome

A geneticist turned entrepreneur, Jelena Aleksic founded GeneAdviser – an online marketplace for genetic tests. The company aims to help patients get answers more quickly by making it easier for doctors worldwide to order cutting-edge tests.

8. Dr Nasrin Hafezparast, Outcomes Based Healthcare – @NasrinZT

Dr Nasrin Hafezparast is the co-founder of Which Web Design Company and Outcomes Based Healthcare (OBH), a London-based medtech start-up, which uses big data to predict and pre-treat health conditions. The latter company now employs 15 people and has a turnover of £600,000.

9. Samantha Payne, Open Bionics – @SighSam

Samantha Payne is co-founder and chief operating officer of Open Bionics, a company which creates custom prosthetic bio-electronic limbs for amputees at a low price point. The company has won several grants and engineering awards, including the James Dyson Award.

10. Emily Brooke, Blaze – @buzzbrooke

Emily Brooke is co-founder of Blaze – a cycling technology start-up. Its flagship product is the Laserlight, a front lamp that projects an image of a bicycle onto the ground five metres ahead of the cyclist. Last year the laser technology was trialled on London’s shared city bikes, and will be rolled out to all 11,500 Santander Cycles this year.

11. Stella James, Gooseberry Planet – @stellapkjames

Stella James founded Gooseberry Planet in 2014 to meet the need for an internet safety teaching tool for children. The company has since devised three apps designed for students, teachers and parents respectively.


Author Profile - Steven Perryman

Steven Perryman is Grant Thornton UK's Digital Content Manager