As part of our Dynamic Markets series, we turn to the USA and find three southern cities that are fast becoming hot spots for growth

You can read the full story in our dynamic markets profile looking at growth opportunities in the US Sunbelt or watch the video profile below.

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1. Atlanta – technology and franchises


There’s a saying that you may not know whether you are going to heaven or hell, but you will connect in Atlanta. It reveals the city as a local and international hub – the airport handles the largest number of passengers in the world. As a consequence there are many multinational headquarters in the city, including UPS, CNN and Coca-Cola.

The city is particularly strong on franchises, media, technology and, more recently, movies that have benefited from state incentives. Medical technology is also a strong industry through the presence of the Georgia Institute of Technology, one of the few nano-technology centres in the US.

2. Charlotte – finance and manufacturing


With the second-largest banking sector in the United States (after New York), Charlotte provides significant access to finance for growing firms, with headquarters for Bank of America and Allied Financial.

There are a number of notable universities and colleges in the region that provide technical and engineering skills to support manufacturing. Population growth was 18.5% between 2000 and 2010, but around 340,000 jobs were lost in the recession.

A positive business climate has helped recovery, with employment growth at 3.1% and the city ranking 19th out of 200 cities assessed for Best Places for Business and Careers in the United States by Forbes.

3. Miami – first for entrepreneurs


Voted by readers of Chilean business magazine América Economía as the Best Place to do Business in Latin America, Miami’s position as a gateway port is without peer. It provides fast access for imports to north-west and central America and has invested $2 billion in dredging the port in readiness for the supercontainer ships that will arrive when the deepened Panama Canal opens in 2015.

Property suffered in the 2008 crash, but has rebounded strongly with around 50 towers planned or under construction in downtown Miami. Low taxes and a positive business environment have made this the number one place in the US for entrepreneurs.

Images: Rama Knight