Why marketing guru Seth Godin recommends letting a bad situation – or client – go, even if it means losing revenue

Seth Godin has the top-ranked marketing blog in the world, is the author of 18 best-selling books and invented the concept of permission marketing. But in his days as a book packager, he had the toughest of business calls to make, as he reveals in our My Big Decision interview.

Godin revisits a critical moment in his career when, after six years of chasing, he finally landed a client that could take his book business to the next level of profit and growth. But when the deal turned sour, it created a moral (and potentially financial) crisis, resulting in the decision to let his biggest client go.

Find out what happened and why letting go of a bad situation – or client – can provide much more positive momentum and be transformational for your company. Godin provides inspiration for anyone who wants to rediscover the power of letting joy and passion drive their work.

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